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Personal training is often associated with the wealthy or Olympic champions. But for Carol Wickoren, owner of My House Fitness, it is all about community.

“We try to make it accessible to more people, to make it part of their lifestyle. People feel like family, and that’s why we call it My House Fitness. We want you to feel at home. A lot of places you go, you do your half hour, and you’re out. Our model is different. Our most popular personal training is our small group personal training – up to 4 people, where clients share the cost of the trainer. We always start people on their fitness journey measuring everything…and then every 30 days we test them again so we can help show them where they’re making progress. Also the trainers reach out. We create private Facebook pages for our clients to share ideas and motivation. We make it a team effort. ”

Before My House Fitness, Wickoren spent her career in the corporate world. “Most of my friends are counting the days to retirement at my age. And I decided to start a new business. I just felt like it was time to do something for which I have a passion. I looked at a lot of different things, in fields that I’m interested in, and I kept coming back to [personal training].”

As a long time training client, navigating the fitness field from the business side was a new challenge. But Wickoren rose to the occasion using her naturally collaborative management style. “I don’t have as much knowledge about [the field] as my trainers do, so it behooves me to get ideas from them. At the end of the day you have to be the one to make the decision, but at least getting input from people, number one gets their buy-in; and number two, brings out great ideas. So why not?”

Collaboration and commitment to her community has served Wickoren well. In 2017, she was a finalist for TwinWest’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

“It was quite an honor. I have no idea who nominated me to this day. I am very grateful to them, whoever they were. I think it did help elevate our presence…within the business community.”

Now in its second year of operation, My House Fitness is all about growth – and keeping their current clients excited to come back.

“We don’t have a membership fee, so we must earn their business every month. I would love to attract more people from outside of Hopkins because once they see what is going on here, they want to be a part of it.”

Initially, Wickoren had been looking at locations in other western suburbs. But when she saw the space on the 700 block of Mainstreet Hopkins, she was quick to nab it. And she hasn’t looked back. “Hopkins is a great little gem – it’s so small business friendly. Owning a small business is difficult, there is no question about it. It is difficult, but it’s rewarding. We fit in because we are a community within the community.”

For more information about schedules and pricing, visit www.myhousefitness.com.


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